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Create unique experiences in the different contact channels

Surprise your customers in every interaction with automatic omnichannel communications at every stage of the costumer journey.

Chat Bot

Establish immediate responses to your clients' requests in a totally personalized way.

Voice Bot

 Engage in conversations with a person providing automatic responses as required.

Improve the experience of
your users and the conversion rates of your business!

  • Increase your sales opportunities
  • Improve your users' experience in real time
  • Adaptable to your company's processes
  • 24 hours availability, 365 days a year
  • Provides instant and accurate information
  • Filter by priority and reduce your customers' waiting time

With Sagicc we can give you the multi-campaign dynamism that we need in our Contact Center by controlling all communication channels in the Uninorte areas.

Juan Rodriguez - CMO, Universidad del Norte

Turn every interaction into a case!

Collect the necessary information
for the company through
the personalized ticket fields.

Assign the case to a person to
consult and intervene if they
have permissions.

Select the case priority
upon receipt.

Select a unique type of
case: general, request, complaint,
question, congratulation.

Attach files from all
channels: PNG, JPG, PDF and

Meet Sagicc

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