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Offer your clients the best care in your economic sector.

Omnichannel communication is simplified with Sagicc. Make your customers live a completely personalized shopping experience.

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Transform the attention of your customers into
an omnichannel experience!

Manage the communication of your company integrated from a single interface, delivering personalized and effective attention to your clients with immediate responses.

Phone Calls

Get real results from inbound and outbound phone campaigns.


Measure impact of sending emails to your customers and receive responses.


Reach more customers from the social network with the largest number of users in the world.


Convert the interactions of your followers in cases, to attend them in real time.


Generate closeness with your followers and attend their comments in real time.


Include in your omnichannel strategy the No. 1 chat, used by 70% of people worldwide.

Web Chat

Attend in real time from your website, accompanying your prospects to better understand your services.

Web Forms

Track customers captured from your contact forms or landings forms in your marketing funnels.

Chat App

Do you have an app? Create a chat for your customers to immediately communicate with your support team.

Phone Calls

Get real results from inbound and outbound phone campaigns.


Reach all your customers by Text Message no matter what type of cell phone they have.


Provide immediate solutions to your customers personally with complete information at hand.

With Sagicc we can give you the multi-campaign dynamism that we need in our Contact Center by controlling all communication channels in the Uninorte areas.

Juan Rodriguez - CMO, Universidad del Norte

Optimize the
effectiveness of your
care team

  • Evaluate the satisfaction of your customers, creating surveys that rate your service.
  • Publish the results of your agents in real time.
  • Incentivize your productivity and good service.
  • Create direct evaluation strategies where you can intervene calls and listen to them.
  • Reassign cases from one agent to another.
  • Measure Individual Performance vs. Campaign Management.

Quantify your customer satisfaction.

Identify aspects to improve for future reports.

Automatically generated default reports.

Create custom reports.

Meet Sagicc

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