Offer the best service experience and make your customers fall in love with your brand
Sagicc is the omnichannel CX platform that helps companies with the challenge of delivering great service to large crowds of customers

Enamora a tus clientes con la mejor experiencia de atención

Sagicc es la plataforma que ayuda a las empresas con el reto de atender bien y oportunamente a multitudes de clientes

How do we do it?


Simplify the communication between your company and your customers with Sagicc. Take control of all your company’s communication channels in a single interface.
Phone calls, emails, SMS
Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram)
Chats on websites and mobile apps, forms and video calls
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Provide a complete and effective service to your customers. Sagicc successfully integrates with voice and PBX platforms, CRM, ERP and other information systems of your company.
Sagicc API
Embeded views*
On demand reports and dashboards*
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Inteligencia Artificial

Improve the customer experience by using the best technology. Implement our chatbots and voicebots with artificial intelligence to complement your service process and generate automated experiences through multiple channels.
Sagicc Bot Builder
Business rules, triggers and automations
Bulk messaging and Customer Segmentation
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Data Analytics

Generate dashboards and reports to measure and make decisions based on real information. Our cloud platform collects data and measurements that allow companies to constantly improve their management.

Work from Home

Sagicc is an omnichannel experience software hosted 100% on the cloud, making it easier to implement Work from Home policies in your company. Follow these steps:
Send your customer service team home
Ask them to wash your hands with soap and water every 3 hours
Tell them to log in to Sagicc from their workstation

Why does your company need Sagicc?

Customer service processes are one of the most important factors for companies, and a good customer experience can give your company a competitive advantage in the market.
Across the globe, 96% of consumers consider customer service is an important factor 
in their choice of loyalty to a brand.
52% of consumers confirm they have made an additional purchase from a company after a positive customer service experience.
Dimensional Research
Over 60% of US consumers prefer an automated self-service, such as a website or mobile app, for simple customer service tasks.
Business Insider

The impact of Sagicc in 24 hours

We work to improve people’s access to services such as healthcare, education and financial services, and help companies offer products and services that make people’s lives easier and better.
Medical appointments 
*Data provided by some companies using Sagicc
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El impacto de Sagicc en la sociedad…

Citas agendadas
Estudiantes atendidos
Pedidos realizados
Encuestas enviadas
Conversaciones personalizadas
Personas atendidas

Casos de Exito

From online stores and agencies to content publishers, restaurants,  and consulting firms, see what people across the web are saying.
We’ve added over 60,000 email subscribers in our first 3 months of starting with Elastic. That normally would have taken 3 years.
Jason Donoghue
Marketing Expert

Turn every interaction with your company into a success story!

Sagicc manages all communication channels for companies from different economic sectors and industries, achieving an effective relationship with its customers.
Expreso Brasilia
Intercity bus service / passenger transport
Universidad Simón Bolívar
Contact Ser
Health-specialized BPO
Fintech and financial solutions

Latin America trusts in Sagicc

Sagicc adapts to the needs and requirements of many
economic sectors and industries

The only list-building strategy you need .

Industrias (opción 2)

At Sagicc, we are commited to the continuous improvement of our process
We follow the best practices and standars of the software industry, in order to guarantee the availability and integrity of the information.

Do you have any doubts? We solve it!

What is Sagicc and how much does it cost to implement it in my company?
Sagicc is an omnichannel customer service and experience platform, hosted 100% on the cloud, and offered under a SaaS (software as a service) model. The cost of its implementation depends on the needs and requirements of your company (number of agents, channels, additional modules, etc.), so we invite you to request a demo so that one of our specialists can help you with a diagnosis of your company and a quote.
Do I have to pay for software updates?
No! The Sagicc team is constantly working on the development of new features, and your company can access them completely FREE, without additional charges*. Sagicc is SaaS software hosted 100% on the cloud, and software updates are generated automatically, without affecting the operability of the platform.

* No additional charges from Sagicc, but some third party charges may apply (por example, WhatsApp).
How long is the contract?
The term of the contract and the basic commitments for your company to use Sagicc will be defined in the commercial agreement. We invite you to request a demo so that one of our specialists can help you with a diagnosis of your company and a quote.
If I cancel the Sagicc service, do I lose all my company information?
As with other platforms offered under the SaaS model, when you cancel the service, your information is no longer accessible. But don’t worry. Once you notify us of the cancellation of the service, you will have up to 30 days to download all the information of your campaigns, customers and interactions hosted on our servers.
Who does the information belong to?
To your company! Any information (including your customer information) is 100% owned by your company. Sagicc does not have permission to use the content or information of your customer under any circumstance.
I’m interested in Sagicc. How is the implementation process in my company?
 The basic process of implementing Sagicc in a company with a large crowd of customers has the following stages: 

1. Workshop with the stakeholders of the company, in which the requirements and needs of the interested areas will be gathered. 
2. Deployment, in which an instance will be deployed so your company can use Sagicc ( 
3. Configuration, in which you will set up Sagicc to the needs of your company with the help of one of our Implementation Engineers.
4. Training, in which users of the platform will learn how to use it. 
5. Lauching, in which we will guide your company and users while they start working with Sagicc. 

We invite you to request a demo so that one of our specialists can help you with a diagnosis of your company and a work schedule. 
What do the Sagicc monthly charges include?
The monthly platform charges include: 

1. Cloud infrastructure 
2. Help Desk and Support, according to SLAs 
3. Customer Success service, with monthly meetings with a Customer Success executive. 
4. Access to Sagicc Academy, with tutorials for the platform and information related to trends in customer service. 
If I have questions or concerns, who can I talk to?
We have a first-class Help Desk and Support Team that can solve your questions or doubts in the shortest possible time*, and monitors the stability of the platform 24/7. When implementing the platform in your company, we will let you know the channels to contact the support team.

* According to the SLA (service level agreements) established in the contract
Can I integrate Sagicc with my CRM or with other applications of my company?
Yes! One of our pillars is to help companies have a complete and integrated service platform. We have tools and a robust API that allow an easy integration with the applications that your company requires so that customer service management is effective and efficient.
Can you guarantee the availability of the service?
Of course! Sagicc is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, one of the most robust and recognized cloud services in the world. By working with AWS, we can ensure:

1. Service availability of 99.96% 
2. Information security 
3. Server redundancy 
4. Backups and automatic security copies
5. Elasticity of resources. 

Thanks for taking the time to provide a suggestion. Your feedback helps us improve our application.

Phone:  0080 21221 11
We are open from 8am — 4pm week days.
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Barranquilla, Colombia

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